Gifts that Keep on Giving

       When Santa returns home from his busy night of gift-delivering, there’s nothing he loves more than to sit in a comfortable chair, soak his feet, sip a Hot Buttered Rum and read a magazine.  Probably many of the people on your gift list enjoy magazines, too.  And they have the added advantage of purchasing from the comfort of your own home.


I admit they have the drawback of being made of paper, but you can tell by my white hair,Mrs400I’m old-fashioned enough to prefer turning pages to tapping a screen still they’re worth considering.  You can always order the e-version.

Your aunt loves to cook.  What about BON APPETIT or FOOD AND WINE magazine at

Dad always opens to the business section of the paper first.  Perhaps FORTUNE or THE ECONOMIST would be perfect for him.

Young readers would love to get a subscription to a children’s magazine.  CRICKET and HIGHLIGHTS  both offer special magazines for every age. 

Whatever the special on your list is interested in, there’s a magazine just right for him or her.  And every day the magazine arrives, the receiver will think of you and smile. 

        If the mention of hot buttered rum made you thirsty, Here’s a great recipe you can make in bulk and store in your freezer.  It may appear to be an innocent creamy drink, but looks, as we know, can be deceiving.  003

       Do you have any favorite magazines you’d like to plug?  Please do so.

In future posts we’ll look at other gifts that keep on giving, but in the next blog, Friday, November 15th, it’s time to start thinking about holiday cards. 

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .

2 thoughts on “Gifts that Keep on Giving

  1. Some of the magazine subscriptions that I’ve given as gifts with great success, if I may say so myself, include SPORT ILLUSTRATED FOR KIDS (, RANGER RICK for kids, about nature (, MUSE for kids, about science (, and for grownups, the SMITHSONIAN about a broad range of topics (, DISCOVER about science (, and EQUUS, the most substantial and authoritative magazine about horses.

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