A Riot of Ribbon

         You’re not the crafty type? Don’t have the tiniest pinch of creativity?  Everything you’ve tried to make fails.  This ribbon pillow is the project for you.

007 (3)  

All you need is ribbon,


018 plus fabric for backing, a pillow form (sold at most fabric stores) and a sewing machine.  Download the easy instructions here.  This is my tutorial for the crafty Christmas link-up.  The main link will come in a future blog.  Keep tuned. 

Don’t stop with just one pillow.  I made two with many of the same ribbons.  You can see how placing the ribbons differently makes two unique designs

.005 (3)

Following the directions, you can easily adapt them to make pillows of varying shape and ribbon pattern.

            008 (3)

       These charming decorations, also made out of ribbon take very little time to put together.   


          So all you uncrafty people out there, this project is for you!  Now I have . . .


Christmas_cover - Copy

is finally available at bookstores, or online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. This book makes a perfect gift, if I do say so myself, for young and old alike.  It finally recognizes my contribution to the holiday.

Do you have a fun Christmas project to share with our readers?  Let us know about it.  Include directions, too.

On Wednesday, November 20th we’re going to look at gift ideas for the person who has everything.  And none of these have to be wrapped.

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .


9 thoughts on “A Riot of Ribbon


    – imagine a line that spirals in and rises as it spirals so that it forms the stylized shape of a Christmas tree

    – make that Christmas tree shape out of a length of wire such as a craft-chenille-stem or florist wire

    – thread beads on the wire

    Make it personal! Consider a green chenille stem with only a few scattered, colorful (red, yellow, blue) plastic beads. Or florist wire packed with wooden beads of different natural shades. I once made such mini-trees (half an inch tall) out of wire recovered by peeling the paper off of a twist-tie and the tiniest seed beads available. The spiral backbone can have mostly empty space if you stretch it tall, or it can be tight and dense. Your spiral Christmas tree could start out short and dense, and grow every day as you strech it taller!

    • This sounds darling, Caroline. Do you have a picture to share? I’m going to make one–as I just saw a bag of beads in my craft drawer waiting to be used. Thanks for the tip.

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  4. Haha, your opening paragraph made me laugh. This is a great project for a festive pillow! I’ve always wanted to have one or two pillows that change with the seasons, and this would be a perfect Christmas pillow. Awesome.

    xx A

    • Good idea to make some for different seasons. I’m already envisioning orange and black for Halloween, pastels for Spring, shades of red for Valentines. Your suggestion will keep me busy year round. Thanks!

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