Gifts to Charity

          Was anyone inspired by my last post to do something crafty for the holidays?  If my pillow wasn’t your thing, check out these possibilities. The Crafty Christmas Link-Up A The Crafty Christmas Link-Up BThe Crafty Christmas Link-Up B This link will direct you to the specific instructions for each one.

         Now let’s change the subject back to gifts, especially those to friends and family members who don’t need anything (and you know there are some people on your list who fit into that category.)  Consider making a donation to a charity in that person’s name. 

        Because Christmas is a holiday of wonder for children, I suggest donating to a charity that focuses on their well-being.  Surfing the Internet, I found this helpful website that lists 25 children’s charities to consider.

       Another favorite charity is Heifer International that turns your donations into gifts that help less fortunate people around the world become self-supporting.  Their catalog offers numerous possibilities to help no matter your budget.


Look for charities that touch a special place in the heart of your receiver.  Do you have a family member who works in the health services?  Make a donation in her name to Doctors Without Borders

      Do you have a dog lover on your list?  Consider an organization like Rescue Me.  Check out their full website to see all kinds of animals—reptiles, squirrels, wild birds, farm animals—who need homes.  Kids especially love getting pets as gifts, but beware!  Bonny Becker wrote a fun book about the problems that can result in THE CHRISTMAS CROCODILE!

  thGV380YRPYou might want to read it before you give anyone a pet.

Any favorite charities you’d like to plug for donations?   Any fun pet stories?

On November 22th, I have bad news to support, especially if some people on your list have asked for puzzles this year. 

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .


3 thoughts on “Gifts to Charity

  1. Hi Natasha,

    Good choice, Yellowstone National Park! I’ve been donating to it (i.e., the Yellowstone National Park Foundation) for many years, because it is a large-scale and shining model of conservation for the whole world to observe and emulate. They once hosted an event in Los Angeles to report on the success, challenges, progress, and plans for their efforts. They do good work and make good use of donations.

    On charitable donations, three ideas:

    1. If asking your gift recipients for hints is acceptable, ask them what charities are compatible with their values. That way, you’ll avoid donating to a charity that they wouldn’t want to support–in other words, for example, not all animal rescue charities are equal, and your gift recipient might have reasons not to support a particular one.

    2. Regardless of whether exchanging gift hints is acceptable… let your loved ones know what charities you support, not just in the Fall, but any time of the year. Pretend you don’t notice when Aunt Thelma hurriedly scribles it down on a paper napkin and stuffs it in her purse.

    3. I make one annual monetary donation to the charities of my choice. If I want the official date of my donation to fall during the current year (as opposed to the folowing year), I donate by the end of November (not in December) because it can take the charity a few weeks to record the donation.

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