Cards and Letters

         You’ve recovered from Thanksgiving and you’re ready to dive head first into the joy of Christmas.  If you’re sending cards, now is the time to address them (or use pre-addressed labels.)  I like to get my cards done in one day, so I take a strike from cooking.  Santa is on his own. Fortunately he knows how to grill a mean steak.  He’s so talented, the elves made this darling ornament commemorating his accomplishments.     santa barbecue     

Here’s the recipe for santa’s marinated steak.

I spread my cards out on our dining room table along with my envelopes, pens and stamps and my short Christmas Letter with only the highlights of the year.  No one needs to know Santa suffers from gout, or the chief elf threw a tantrum this morning, or that I need a haircut.  Just the important events, please!      

The advantage of devoting a full day to cards is that once it’s done, you can clean up your work space and go back to the normal that is December.

Today is Black Friday so while everyone’s at the mall, you can quick go to the post office.  Remember we’re working towards a stress-free December and there’s nothing that will set your nerves jangling louder than Santa’s sleigh bells then standing in a long line.  If you’re sending e-cards, of course you won’t have this problem, but I’m old-fashioned enough to want to open an envelope and place the cards around the house as decorations.

Another way to avoid the stress of cards is to send them out after Christmas.  You’ll have no deadline to meet and post office lines will be insignificant.

Have you received any humorous or inappropriate holiday letters you’d like to share?

Can you believe December is nearly here?  If you’re followed my suggestions so far, you’ve finished your shopping, addressed and sent your cards, and are ready to relax and relish in the true meaning of Christmas—love of family and friends.  If you haven’t yet finished everything, still congratulate yourself.  You’ve started and I imagine that’s a big change from previous years.  On December 2nd we’ll begin decorating your house and I’ll have a recipe for a Not-so Fruity Fruit Cake

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .

2 thoughts on “Cards and Letters

  1. Only a few of our dozens of holiday well-wishers include a letter. Some of them simply pick a few family photos from the year that’s ending, add brief captions, and print them on only one side of only one page. One year, my hubby and I reported only the most memorable thing we did that year, and a fact we learned that year, from our authoritative food encyclopedia: you don’t need to worry about overcooking eggplant and losing any nutritional value, because it has none to begin with!

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