The Freezer is Your Friend

If you want to have a relaxed, happy holiday it’s time to start cooking and baking.


First thing gift yourself plenty of freezer containers freezercontainers small one for sauces, larger ones for cakes and cookies, and freezer-to-oven cookware for casseroles.  Then start right now and make your Christmas Breakfast.  Most coffee cakes freeze very well but my husband loves these cranberry scones006 (5) and I’m happy to oblige because with this simple recipe I can prepare the ingredients, shape and then freeze before baking.  He gives me a call on his trusty cell phone when he’s about to finish his deliveries and I pop them in the oven so he returns to the sweet aroma wafting through the house.  And here’s an easy quiche recipe with spinach and red peppers to celebrate the colors of the season, also freezable.


Whenever I cook for the next few weeks, I double each recipe, put the leftovers in the freezer and serve them whenever I’m too tired to cook or unexpected guests drop in.  I’ll share a yummy Country Captain recipe which also celebrates the colors of the season in my next post along with an easy-to-make holiday hostess gift, or stocking stuffer.

A friend once said, “Food is love.”  What expresses more of that love?  Picking up a pre-cooked main dish from a deli, ordering from a restaurant or spending time in your own kitchen?  If you have some easy-to-prepare and freezable recipes, I hope you’ll share.

Until my next post, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .

3 thoughts on “The Freezer is Your Friend

  1. Among my best friends is… the freezer at Trader Joe’s! My favorite gourmet treats to share with loved ones are the lemongrass sticks (as is, to let nothing come in the way of the delicate lemongrass fragrance) and the pastry puffs (with caramelized onions and feta).

  2. Just to de-obscurify my previous comment, the Trader Joe’s lemongrass sticks as delicious as is, as opposed to “served with your favorite dipping sauce,” and the pastry puffs consist of puff pastry bites with caramelized onions and feta, and that’s how they come out of the box, ready to go into the oven, then ready to serve. Perhaps it was obvious that doing any work in the kitchen is not my idea of fun (unless it’s for really really special people), but in case it wasn’t before, I hope it is now.

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