An Easy-to-Knit, Practical-yet-Pretty Hostess Gift

      I hope you took my advice to not give a party this holiday. but you’ve been invited to one, perhaps several.  Instead of taking the usual bottle of wine to the host and hostess, knit this washcloth in Christmas colors.IMG_3662 Here are the directions. Combine it with a festive bar of soap.  002 (5)I got mine from

         Give a gift your hostess can use immediately—to clean up the mess you and the other guests created!  These also make great stocking stuffers.  Who on your list doesn’t need a washcloth, made with love by you?

 As promised last post, here’s the recipe for a yummy Country Captain Chicken Casserole you can bake ahead and freeze.

Do you have ideas for fun and unusual hostess gifts?  If they’re handmade, please include picture and instructions so we can all make them.  Don’t forget we’d also love some simple main dish recipes.

In our next post, December 13th we’ll focus on cookies, sweet and delicious and best yet, simple to make because they don’t require rolling and cutting and decorating. 

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .

One thought on “An Easy-to-Knit, Practical-yet-Pretty Hostess Gift

  1. I love your hostess gift ideas! They don’t have to fit her size, match her interior, or fill her home, since they’re consumable. If I can think of anything half as clever, I’ll let you know.

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