Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

This weekend is the perfect time to buy and decorate your tree.  Include your family.  Just be sure your tree doesn’t lean like this. XmasTree500 If you guessed that’s from the book about me, ‘TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS, Christmas_cover - Copy you’d be right. 

Stay calm when your helpers put the star in the middle of the tree and your favorite angel at the back.  Remember what’s important is NOT who has the most beautiful tree, but who has the happiest home.  After all, once the lights are turned on, every tree is beautiful. 

          Your helpers will be happy, too, if you set out a big plate of cookies.   025  Variety makes any platter look festive.  That’s why I’m sharing recipes for White Christmas Brownies, Sandwich Bar Cookies and Yummy Chocolate Snowballs.  If you want to go to the trouble of rolling out cookies, try these, perfected by Caroline Arnold.

          Do you have a favorite cookie recipe.  Please share.  I’m always looking for new ones to make for the elves.

          On our next post, December 16th I’ll recommend some favorite holiday books.

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .


6 thoughts on “Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

  1. Me again, the one whose idea of fun is coming up with creative ways to AVOID cooking. The kind of food that I most like to prepare is… mini clay food! I buy Sculpey (craft clay that you can shape, then harden by baking, comes in plain pinkish-beige as well as in many colors) from craft supplies stores. I use the common scale of 1 inch in miniature for 1 foot in real life. I prefer to have a real-life model to get the size and details right, but for cookies, it’s not required because they come in a range of sizes.

    My top tip to make minis look realistic is, when painting them, to make sure that the paint color is not perfectly even. Instead make sure, for example, that the golden beige cookie is a little darker here and there–around the edges–like a real one.

    What do you know, I DO love baking!

    • I’m sure there are others out there who also don’t love cooking who might share some not-cooking tips. These non-cookies would look great on a plate or hanging as decorations on a tree. I’ve never tried working with clay . . . maybe next Christmas!

  2. And Rice Crispie squares are always a treat and now with Christmas m&ms will be festive for the holidays. Thanks for reminding us all of a snack kids love . . . adults, too.

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