Sing a Song of Christmas and Candy

    Zooey Deschanel said, “One thing I love about Christmas music is that it has a tradition of warmth.”

   Nothing like music to get you into the mood for the holidays, but while CDs titled JINGLE BELL ROCK or ROCK ‘N ROLL CHRISTMAS are just the thing for elves working in our factory, they will have you thumping to the beat more anxious than Santa trying to stuff his bag in his sleigh. Instead listen to music that echoes the relaxed, peaceful mood you want to be in.  Here are two suggestions for Christmas CDs for your listening pleasure.

One is NOEL by Josh Groban.  15-josh-groban-noel-album-coverHis voice is like Christmas Fudge, smooth and delicious.  Want to hear a sample.  Listen here.  And if you have one of those modern thingamajiggys you can only download the songs you like. 

While listening to Josh Groban’s Chocolate Fudge voice, why not make fudge to share with friends and family. 

 Another CD I love is CHRISTMAS HARP by Cindy Horstman.      christmas harpThe harp is the instrument of Christmas and what better time to listen to it than now.  You can hear excerpts here.

Settle down with a piece of peppermint bark, so easy a child can do it and let the notes sprinkle and twinkle around you. 

       Have any favorite Christmas music to share or any favorite candy, homemade or not? 

On our next post, December 20th we’ll suggest a holiday game for the whole family.

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .

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