Hope you had a Glorious Holiday

Although your lights aren’t off yet and your tree isn’t down, the poem is still appropriate to what I want to say.

The lights are off.

The tree is down.

Each ball and bauble

packed away.

Christmas is gone,

But . . .

beneath my bed

I keep one bell

with a silvered ring

to sing to me,

Christmas will come again.

          As sure as the sun rises, as birds cheep, and snails creep, Christmas will come again . . . in just 363 days.  I hope this blog has helped you save time and reduce stress.  I hope it’s brought you new ideas to enrich your holidays and tasty recipes that will become part of your Christmas repertoire.  Although this is my last posting, I promise you just like Christmas, I, too, will return next year with more new suggestions to brighten your holiday.

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled YEAR . . .

3 thoughts on “Hope you had a Glorious Holiday

  1. Thanks for all the good ideas and happy new year! You inspired me to start, earlier this December 2013, gift-wrapping some Christmas presents for December 2014. Details next year, maybe.

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