It’s me. Mrs. Saint Nick, back again.
Already! But it’s summer, you say, the season for swimming, sunbathing (with lots of sunscreen) and barbecues. Not Christmas. That’s six months away.
Imagine if we up in the North Pole left our Christmas preparations until December.
That’s why we begin preparing early.
Most of you don’t. Friday after Thanksgiving, you jam the stores in hopes of bargains. You’re hassled and harried.
christmas calm
Wouldn’t it be easier if when you’re shopping for Jon’s graduation present and see something else he’d like, to buy it and tuck it away for Christmas.
When you’re buying a birthday present for your niece, think Christmas and add that cute tea set to your purchases.
tea set

If you consider books a perfect gift, whenever you read a review and think your dad would love it, don’t hesitate. Buy it immediately.
Think Christmas all year long. Then December, while everyone else is running, hurry, scurry about, you will have time to relax.
Any suggestions of other ways to relieve the holiday stress? Please share here.
Next week we’ll consider ways to cut back on the expense of Christmas gifts, then look for a new blog every Wednesday to help you create a stress-free, love-filled Christmas.