It’s me. Mrs. Saint Nick, back again.
Already! But it’s summer, you say, the season for swimming, sunbathing (with lots of sunscreen) and barbecues. Not Christmas. That’s six months away.
Imagine if we up in the North Pole left our Christmas preparations until December.
That’s why we begin preparing early.
Most of you don’t. Friday after Thanksgiving, you jam the stores in hopes of bargains. You’re hassled and harried.
christmas calm
Wouldn’t it be easier if when you’re shopping for Jon’s graduation present and see something else he’d like, to buy it and tuck it away for Christmas.
When you’re buying a birthday present for your niece, think Christmas and add that cute tea set to your purchases.
tea set

If you consider books a perfect gift, whenever you read a review and think your dad would love it, don’t hesitate. Buy it immediately.
Think Christmas all year long. Then December, while everyone else is running, hurry, scurry about, you will have time to relax.
Any suggestions of other ways to relieve the holiday stress? Please share here.
Next week we’ll consider ways to cut back on the expense of Christmas gifts, then look for a new blog every Wednesday to help you create a stress-free, love-filled Christmas.

2 thoughts on “183 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!

  1. Dear Mrs. Saint Nick,

    You might be pleased to know that I started making a Christmas present on June 20 this year. Only two more steps and it will be done. First, paint, a delicate step that will wait for just the right time, and will probably take about four sessions. Then, glue, a straightforward step, still to be done with care.

    I first decided to make this present for my friend Paul in July 1999, because he wanted something like it but couldn’t find the right thing in National Park or nature-inspired gift shops. Then I got busy with other things. Although he may yet find the right thing in a store by Christmas 2014, I’ll give him what I’m making no matter what, and he’d better like it.

    Since you asked for suggestions on how to relieve the holiday stress, I’ll take your suggestion one step farther: why not start making holiday presents* during the holiday season, while sitting around with friends and family and chatting?

    *(for the following year)

    That’s what I did last December, for my book group 😉 But that’s another story…

    Happy lack of stress,


    • Mrs. Saint Nick is very impressed that you’re working on gifts already. You’re one smart elf! You’ve reminded me to post some more gift ideas to make for others. My head has been filled with decorations lately. Thanks.

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