176 days to Christmas–Giving Fewer Gifts

It’s not too early to think about cutting back on the number of Christmas gifts you give. I’ve tried with my dear husband, but he’s a big man with a heart to match and won’t hear of it. That’s why I’m appealing to you.

We are blessed in this country with an abundance few people in the world enjoy. Yet, come Christmas we add more to that abundance. We’ve allowed commercialization to creep into Christmas. Compare our Christmas to those celebrated in earlier times in our history. Read Laura Ingalls Wilders book LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE little house on the prairiewhere Laura and Mary each received a new tin cup, a stick of peppermint candy, a heart-shaped cake and a penny. The children were thrilled with their gifts. Today’s children wouldn’t be satisfied with those presents, but we must do something to simplify the holiday.

While issuing an order of no gifts may be too drastic, what about giving just one less gift per person?

Maybe instead of everyone in the family giving everyone a present, you might draw names from my husband’s hat. santa-hat

Instead of sending gifts to far flung family members, maybe say this is the year to stop. Many of us don’t want to be the first to suggest cutting back. I beg you to take the lead. You may find your family members grateful not to have to stand in line at the post office again.

Cutting back on giving, won’t take the joy out of the holiday—it will just relieve the stress. Please share any ideas you have to go easier on this year’s gifts.

Next week we’ll discuss another way to cut back on the expense of Christmas so we can all have a stress-free, love-filled holiday.

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