154 days left until Christmas—A Gift of Poetry, Part Two

You have your list of the favorite things about a special person, (maybe more than one), but have no idea what to do with it. The easiest kind of poem where you don’t have to rhyme or worry about rhythm is a poem with repetition. All you have to do is think of a repetitive phrase such as:
You make me happy, because . . .
I love the way . . .
You are my center . . .

Then arrange it into a poem. Using my list from last week, I wrote this about you-know-who.Santa Claus

How can it be that
you are always thinking of others,
you never get tired of your job, and
you are always kind to your elves?

How can it be that
the twinkle in your eye never disappears,
your cheeks stay so rosy and
your laugh is deep and true?

How can it be that
on the busiest night of the year you remember me with a gift,
you can’t wait to return home, and
share stories of your journey?

How can it be that
you chose me
to share this merry adventure
with you?

Think of your phrase and start writing. You may not get it right the first time. All poets revise. Work on your poem until you feel it expresses your feelings honestly. Then print it up with a pretty font and tuck it in an envelope.

Anyone want to share their poems? I’d love to meet your special people through poetry.

Come back next week for some homemade gift suggestions that are equally kind to your bank account. If you start them right away, you’ll be finished in plenty of time to have a love-filled, stress-free holiday.

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