150 days until Christmas–Home made gifts

There are simple gifts you can make by repurposing things in your home. Have you some extra glass vases that flowers were delivered in? Hate to throw the vases away, but don’t know what to do with them.

What about those seashells that you couldn’t help picking up on your last visit to the seashore. Combine them into a lovely gift for your friend who loves the sea. IMG_0812

Or fill a vase with soap balls for a bathroom.

Anyone have other suggestions of ways to use old vases? Please share them here.

Make these now, tuck them away in a closet, and come December you’ll enjoy a stress-free, love-filled Christmas.

2 thoughts on “150 days until Christmas–Home made gifts

  1. For more ways to “repurpose” (most neologisms make me roll my eyes, but this one is an exception, both because it actually means something different beyond “reuse” and the extreme creative effort that it reflects makes me giggle) vases, how long a comment can I leave here? Fill it with different layers of raw beans, raw pasta, raw rice, raw grains (any pantry surplus), sand, pine cones, dried blooms, old buttons, then stretch a color-coordinated, appropriate-mood-evoking piece of cloth over the top and tie it down around the neck of the vase with ribbon, string, or a shoelace–for display. Or clean it throughly, then fill it with the perfect mix of potato flakes, bouillon powder, parsley flakes, and parmesan cheese to dump out into a pot, add water, and make a lot of soup–add a label with directions and “use by [date]” Or how about enough chocolate and mini-marshmallows to make hot chocolate for 127 people? Why are you rolling your eyes? My favorite is simply a few rocks at the bottom of the vase, set next to the kitchen stove.

    This is because it’s a reminder of an ancient Vietnamese legend. Once upon a time, an Emperor who was a picky eater posted a job ad online for a new cook. Applicant after applicant came to cook sample dishes, only to be rejected. Along came a philosopher. He put a few rocks in a pot of water over a small flame. Hours later, the Emperor asked, “Is it ready? I’m peckish!” but the philosopher said, “Not yet.” Hours later, the Emperor asked, “Is it ready? I’m hungry!” but the philosopher said, “Not yet.” Hours later, the Emperor begged “I’m starving! Please give me something to eat–anything!” So the philosopher gave him plain steamed white rice, and the Emperor said (hopefully not with his mouth full), “This is the best food I’ve ever had!” So I keep a glass container with a few rocks next to my kitchen stove to remind everyone that my home is not a five-star restaurant.

  2. Love your story Caroline. Although Mr. Saint Nick, as you can tell by his jolly self would never be satisfied with plain rice.
    Great suggestions for other ways to fill glass containers. Thanks!

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