147 days until Christmas–More simple gifts to make

Have any old frames?
If not, go out and buy the cheapest wood frames you can. If you want to paint them, fine, but it’s not necessary.
Then get out those buttons that you’ve been saving for another purpose. Here’s another purpose. Using a glue gun, attach buttons to the frame. Here’s one I made for my beloved husband from old shirt buttons. IMG_0809 Whipped it up in less than an hour. It will look even nicer when I put in a picture of yours truly. I’m sure he’ll love it.

Still have leftover buttons? Hold onto them. I’ll be sharing an easy button Christmas decoration in the future.

Next post we’ll make another darling frame–this time out of yarn.

2 thoughts on “147 days until Christmas–More simple gifts to make

  1. Speaking of frames and buttons, how about making a frame… out of one button? Choose a button that has a rim around the edge and a photo of a loved one’s face that’s the right size, so that when it’s cut to fit inside the button rim, it will be cropped just right. To make the button stand, cut out a triangle of cardboard no taller than the button, fold the triangle in half, and glue one half on the back of the button. Or glue the button on the wall of a miniature scene or miniature house. How small a button-framed portrait can you make?

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