136 days until Christmas–A Gift of Poetry, Part Three

Want to try another poem for a loved one?

Acrostic Poems like the repetition poem doesn’t have to rhyme or have rhythm although if you like to do that, go ahead.

Spell the name of your special person down the page like this




Then write your poem, each line beginning with a word that starts with its letter. Notice that I made each letter bold and left a space between the letter and the rest of the word for emphasis.

M erry, my merry man. I love your
R osy-cheeks and that Christmas is your favorite

S eason. I can’t believe how you work
A ll year long so
I ntensely preparing for that magic
N ight when you
T ravel the world—

N ever stopping—from Australia to
I celand and beyond, bringing gifts to
C hildren. No one I know is as
K ind and giving as you.

So now I have written two poems for my dear husband—won’t he be surprised and won’t your special people be surprised with the ones you’ve written for them?
Speaking of poems written for my husband, I hope you all know about that book, ‘TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS written about ME. Christmas_cover - Copy Order your copies hereor from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore. It’s about time someone recognized that I play an important part in Christmas, too. These make perfect hostess gifts.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to make charming Santa decorations that also make great hostess gifts. Best of all, no special talent is needed to create them.

One thought on “136 days until Christmas–A Gift of Poetry, Part Three

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