126 days until Christmas—Rethinking Cards

Do you really need to send Christmas Cards?

If your answer is yes, is there a way you can lessen the burden?
What about sending e-cards? Type in ecards in your search engine and you’ll be amazed at the number of websites that can help you.

What about shortening your list by only sending cards to people who don’t live near you?

What about sending your holiday cards at Halloween or better yet, after Christmas? Your recipient will have much more time to enjoy your greeting.

But maybe you love sending cards. I do. After all, the holidays are about stopping the hectic pace of life to remember who and what matters.

To ease your stress, make your list of who will get cards now. Makeing your address labels now, too? Want to add a small picture to them? I used this picture last year on my labels.

It’s a tiny illustration from ‘TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS and is my early holiday gift to you. Just click on it and use with my blessing.

Next post, I have a surprise for you about cards.
Doesn’t it feel great to be planning ahead for the holidays? You are really going to relax this December and enjoy a stress-free, love-filled Christmas.

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