September 8th—108 days left to Christmas—Avoiding Family Fisticuffs

Family, like fire-works in July can often explode, especially at the dinner table.  Start planning now for activities to keep everyone happy.  Start saving toilet paper rolls!


What, you ask, do toilet paper rolls have to do with Christmas?

They are the basis for making Crackers.  Not the crackers you eat—the old English Crackers.

All they are is a wrapped tube that makes a pop when you pull off the paper.

english crackers

Each one is filled with little gifts, sweets and jokes.  Whatever you want to put in is fine.  You can order them here–  but they’re more personal if you make them.  Instructions will come in a later post.  All you have to do now is start saving toilet-paper rolls, paper-towel rolls and wrapping paper rolls.  Also collect jokes from the funny paper that strike your fancy.  Riddles, too, and keep your eye out for small cute gifts everyone can use—erasers, fun shaped paper clips, marbles, etc.  I ordered my snaps from

Stash the snaps, rolls and gifts away in a closet and then you’ll have everything you need to make them.  I’ll post the directions closer to the holiday.

Be sure to read my next post where I’ll give you a yummy cracker (the eating kind) recipe.

Do you have any other suggestions for easing family tensions on the big day?  I’d love to hear them so we can all enjoy a stress free-love filled holiday.

3 thoughts on “September 8th—108 days left to Christmas—Avoiding Family Fisticuffs

  1. Here’s a quick and easy dinner table activity. Ask everyone to think about a food that she or he loves. Go around the table and ask each person if he or she cares to share what it is and perhaps why. It’s easy for guests of any age to participate. Everyone gets a chance to speak and be heard, in contrast to spontaneous conversation, which is at risk for being dominated by a few. Some kids surprise everyone by naming broccoli, some adults by naming a childhood treat. Natural comedians make everyone laugh. The diversity of responses might promote tolerance.

    Actually, when my husband initiated this at a small family reunion once, he asked people to share (only if they felt like it) what food they hated the most. He hates okra and told a funny story of spending eons finishing a serving at a friend’s house once. I hate black pepper and surprised everyone present because they all loved it, had never met anyone who didn’t love it, and couldn’t imagine not liking it. The risks with “what food do you hate the most” are that someone will name a food that the hosts are serving and kids might feel encouraged to hate certain foods, at an age where their parents are struggling to get them to try and like everything.

    On the other hand, with our favorite traveling buddies, exchanging beloved and hated food info has led to my friend Paul always swapping the brocooli from his plate with the carrots from mine, thereby reducing global waste.

  2. I love Christmas Crackers,but never thought of making them! It will be so much fun searching for the little items to put inside. Those small toys that squeak or moo when you turn them over would be perfect.

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