September 18—98 Days until Christmas—A Stocking Poem

We’ve moved from three down to two digits! Can you feel how we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday?

The weather up here in the North Pole is dipping low so I’m spending more and more time inside.  That means I’m writing more poems.  Here’s my latest about stockings.


Stocking is a word,

too big for your foot,

bright red,

trimmed in gold,

hanging on the mantel,

waiting to be filled

by a fat jolly old man

you’ve never met

Yet each year,

once a year,

he delivers surprises

perfect for you.                                            


This is a picture of the stocking pattern Mr. Saint Nick and I have been using for years.  It’s not difficult to make.  Just draw a foot pattern to your size and liking.  I did it on an old paper grocery bag.  Then I pinned gold rick-rack in the shape of the initial of the person’s name.  Stitched it and some rick-rack at the top and then sewed the two pieces together with red thread–easy but sophisticated looking, don’t you agree.

May your stocking be filled by my dear husband with gifts you adore.

Next post I’ll share some other stocking ideas in case you’re inspired to make them.

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2 thoughts on “September 18—98 Days until Christmas—A Stocking Poem

  1. Long ago I made personalized stockings. For my husband the scuba-diver, it’s the lower leg of a diver in a turquoise blue wet suit with a black fin… and a cute little octopus wrapped around the ankle. For my brother, the lower leg of striped PJs and a sock in a furry slipper. For his wife, the calf is black like that of a ballerina in tights and a pink sock is slouched down on the ankle above a ballerina shoe. For my nephews, sport socks in sneakers. For me, the horse lover, a black riding boot with a horse’s head lowered next to it. You get the idea that I don’t have to have red and green.

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