October 20th—66 days until Christmas—Rag Wreath

Oh, my!  Oh, my!  We’ve moving closer—just over two months before the big day.  I hope you’re busy planning for the holidays so you can relax in December.

We’re super busy up here at the North Pole.  They elves are hammering and stitching and choosing just the right books and toys for your children.  Being married to Mr. Saint Nick all these years has made me crazy for Christmas.  It’s also made me crazy for making decorations each year.  And guess what?  I have a closet full of leftover unused fabric, silently demanding, “Don’t forget about me!”

So I this year I vowed not to.  I made these two rag wreaths from fabric scraps.  This one is big enough to hang on my door.


 The other one will look beautiful on our tree–Yes, we do have a tree each year–or on a window handle.


Easy directions are here.

And because I still had oodles of fabric left, I decided to make something else–here’s a hint.  It’s perfect for my husband or for a baby too.  Find out what it is, next post.

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