October 23rd—63 days until Christmas—Advent Calendars

Nothing helps build excitement to Christmas than counting off with an Advent Calendar.  Young kids, especially those who don’t yet understand the concept of time, need these to see that the holiday is coming closer and closer.  Or adversely that there’s still a long time for that amazing day.

You can always buy advent calendars, but this year with a focus on family and doing things together, why not make your own.  It can be as fancy as this which has been in our family for years.  It took forever to make as the numbers were hand-stitched and the balls (pockets to hold treats) were also hand-stitched.  Back when I was younger I had plenty of energy to make things like this.


Now I’m older.  Simpler is better.  Here’s one made from left-over yarn from this wreath.  I hate to waste anything.


This Advent Calendar was completed in less than an hour and a half.  Why not make one for each child in your life?


Here are the directions.

It works like this.  Hang it from a nail and every day snip off one of the packages.  Mine is filled with Hershey Kisses.  As the treats get eaten, the yarn gets shorter–two ways to emphasize the passage of time.

My favorite Advent Calendar doesn’t hold gifts.  It doesn’t hold candy.  It doesn’t hold anything but memories that you and your family will make together.  Read all about it in my next post. 

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