December 4th—21 days until Christmas—Time to Make Crackers—Not the Eating Kind

On September 8th, I suggested to avoid family fisticuffs and add laughter to Christmas day dinner you start collecting cardboard rolls.


Now you have them and plenty of fun things to stick inside them.


For youngsters you might use stickers, glittery glue sticks, plastic animals, candy, jokes, etc.

For the adults, jokes, candy, fancy paperclips, riddles, etc.

Here’s a great video explaining how to make the fancy English kind.

However, I’m a firm believer that easier is better.  Instead of stiff paper, I used tissue paper, cut the length of the snappers.  If you don’t have them yet, order them here.

Then I inserted one snapper in the middle of the roll, wrapped the paper around and taped it.  I tied one end with green ribbon.  Then, holding onto the snapper so it wouldn’t fold into the roll, I added my gifts.  The last part was to tie another ribbon at the other end.  Voila!  Finished.


An added benefit is that by writing the person’s name on the paper, these crackers also make festive place-cards.

I hope you and your family have fun with these.

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