You probably don’t recognize me.  My husband usually gets all the publicity.   I’m Mrs. Saint Nick.   

Like women throughout time, my existence and work has received little notice.  This is about to change.  I’m tired of working behind the scenes.

It isn’t Santa’s fault.  He can’t help that the presents he delivers create mountains of trash—papers and ribbons, boxes and bags.  Add to that the dirty dishes and glasses, filthy pots and pans from everyone’s celebratory meals and you have gigantic messes around the globe. 

I’ve seen them all, and finally taken matters into my own hands as you’ll see in the new book ‘TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS—a perfect gift, if I say so myself, for you and all your harried friends.

Christmas_cover - Copy

           Without a staff of elves, the work of cleaning-up after every house my husband visits has proved to be beyond my powers. In case I must miss your home this year, this blog will be full of hints to keep the messes and stresses of the holiday season to a minimum so you can focus on what’s important—

Love and Family

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. You poor dear. You must be bored before Christmas. You may not have time later, but Da-da-da-dah! (This is going to make your day!) My house is desperate for a good cleaning RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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