December 25—Christmas is here!


In case you need another reminder about what Christmas is really about, here’s my final poem for the holidays.



that’s black with night

and the white of a star

and the golden sheen

of heavenly crowns.

Add the faded blue

of a mother’s gown,

the gray of sheep,

a manger-bed brown,

plus the pink of the skin

of a newborn babe.

Paint me a poem

with a brush of hope.

Title it


© Ann Whitford Paul

As always, I wish you a stress-free, love-filled Christmas!

December 18th—7 days until Christmas—Too Many Sweets

I hope this poem I wrote isn’t happening to you.


I flavor my poem

with candy canes,

and tree-shaped cookies,

big chocolate balls,

then add some fudge,

and peanut brittle,

four popcorn chains,

a pudding, a pie,

and a Santa Claus cake. 

It tastes so yummy,

I gobble it up.


Now all that’s left

of my Christmas poem

is a belly ache.

© Ann Whitford Paul

If you don’t have a belly ache yet, perhaps you’d like to make this peppermint bark.  It’s the elves’ favorite candy and why not when it looks as yummy as this.


Remember, everything in moderation.  That way you’ll enjoy a stress-free, love-filled Holiday.

December 1—24 days until Christmas—December Weather

Take a deep breath because it’s time for wild weather.  Here’s another poem.  I hope it makes you feel grateful you’ve already finished so many preparations.


It begins with

a light breeze,


brightly colored cards

into mailboxes,

tinkling bells on street corners.

The winds

pick up speed,

pushing people

to stores,

swiping money

from their pockets.

And then

great gusts

pound wreaths on doors,

drop Christmas trees

in living rooms,

toss tinsel on each branch.

With the thunder of door knockers,

blizzards of aunts and uncles

gather together

to share this December storm.

© Ann Whitford Paul

And now’s the time to pull a paper out of your advent calendar and have fun with your family.  Enjoy your stress-free, love-filled month.

November 24th–31 days until Christmas–Gingerbread–Yum!

Start your baking now.  Store your cookies and cakes in the freezer and pull them out when unexpected guests and the big day arrives.  I’m doing exactly that.  Then while I’m off Christmas night helping everyone recover from the big day, Santa and the elves will have plenty of food to keep them content.  The baking inspired me to write this poem.


Their sugar-spice smells

escape from my oven,

slide over the floors,

waft through thick walls,

squeeze under closed doors,

glide up the stairs,

creep into closets,

sneak beneath chairs,

haunting my house—

sweet ghosts of December.

Now a confession . . .

I’m lazy when it comes to baking gingerbread men—all that rolling and decorating is too much for me.  Besides I’ve never found a recipe that isn’t dry and, even though spicy, tasteless.

Instead this year, I’m making these gingerbread cupcakes.  A dash of red or green food-coloring, or red or green sprinkles makes them look festive and they’re delicious.


Our next post is Thanksgiving Day.  I hope you’ll be so busy with your family that you won’t have time to check my blog until Black Friday while everyone else is out fighting the mall crowds.

May you have a stress-free, love-filled Turkey feast.  All the elves are coming so I’d better get back to cooking.

October 13th—73 days until Christmas—Another Poem

This came to me on a frigid North Pole Day.  It’s titled WREATH

A green wheel

rolls through December

to park on my door.

Its needles, its holly,

its bright red bow

announce, Christmas lives inside.

No wreath will be rolling to your door any time soon, but you can get to work making these small button wreaths decorations now.


Directions are here.

Next post I’ll have another wreath you can make.  It’s with yarn, but no knitting, no crocheting involved.  Hope to see you then.

September 18—98 Days until Christmas—A Stocking Poem

We’ve moved from three down to two digits! Can you feel how we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday?

The weather up here in the North Pole is dipping low so I’m spending more and more time inside.  That means I’m writing more poems.  Here’s my latest about stockings.


Stocking is a word,

too big for your foot,

bright red,

trimmed in gold,

hanging on the mantel,

waiting to be filled

by a fat jolly old man

you’ve never met

Yet each year,

once a year,

he delivers surprises

perfect for you.                                            


This is a picture of the stocking pattern Mr. Saint Nick and I have been using for years.  It’s not difficult to make.  Just draw a foot pattern to your size and liking.  I did it on an old paper grocery bag.  Then I pinned gold rick-rack in the shape of the initial of the person’s name.  Stitched it and some rick-rack at the top and then sewed the two pieces together with red thread–easy but sophisticated looking, don’t you agree.

May your stocking be filled by my dear husband with gifts you adore.

Next post I’ll share some other stocking ideas in case you’re inspired to make them.

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136 days until Christmas–A Gift of Poetry, Part Three

Want to try another poem for a loved one?

Acrostic Poems like the repetition poem doesn’t have to rhyme or have rhythm although if you like to do that, go ahead.

Spell the name of your special person down the page like this




Then write your poem, each line beginning with a word that starts with its letter. Notice that I made each letter bold and left a space between the letter and the rest of the word for emphasis.

M erry, my merry man. I love your
R osy-cheeks and that Christmas is your favorite

S eason. I can’t believe how you work
A ll year long so
I ntensely preparing for that magic
N ight when you
T ravel the world—

N ever stopping—from Australia to
I celand and beyond, bringing gifts to
C hildren. No one I know is as
K ind and giving as you.

So now I have written two poems for my dear husband—won’t he be surprised and won’t your special people be surprised with the ones you’ve written for them?
Speaking of poems written for my husband, I hope you all know about that book, ‘TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS written about ME. Christmas_cover - Copy Order your copies hereor from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore. It’s about time someone recognized that I play an important part in Christmas, too. These make perfect hostess gifts.

In my next post, I’ll show you how to make charming Santa decorations that also make great hostess gifts. Best of all, no special talent is needed to create them.