July 9—169 days left until Christmas—Gifts From Your Home

Instead of looking for gifts in the store, why not look for gifts in your home? That beautiful picture frame your Aunt Alice has long admired? Tuck in a picture of her favorite person, wrap it up and give it to her. The silly cat pen catpenthat sits on your desk would be loved by your grandchild. And what about the cactus paperweight? glass cactus Wouldn’t that go to much better use on your dad’s desk piled high with papers?

The key here is to choose gifts that mean something to the recipient. Giving them something that you both love, makes the gift all the more special.

Then there are always gifts in your house and in other family members’ homes that no one likes or have outlived their usefulness. Those gifts are perfect for a white elephant exchange. white-elephant-with-santa-hat-hi Make this a tradition at your holiday because it adds laughter to gift opening. Everyone contributes one happy-to-be-rid-of wrapped gift, then each participant draws a number indicating their turn do choose and open a gift. The people coming after, can either choose a new gift or take a gift that someone has already opened. I found great rules and variations for this game here.

Any other suggestions about gifts you can find around your own home?

Come back next week and we’ll discuss another free gift idea. I’ll give you a hint, all you need to create it is paper, pen or a pencil or your computer.

It’s a perfect stress-free way to express the love that’s the heart of this holiday.