August 2–145 days until Christmas

I so loved Caroline’s suggestion about filling a vase with layers of beans that I had to quickly try it myself. The results were so pretty, they now sit on a shelf in my kitchen.
What beautiful fall colors–not that we get much fall up here in the North Pole. Still when we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ll use them as table decorations.
Thank you, Caroline.
Anybody else have suggestions for different things to put in glass vases to give them new life?

150 days until Christmas–Home made gifts

There are simple gifts you can make by repurposing things in your home. Have you some extra glass vases that flowers were delivered in? Hate to throw the vases away, but don’t know what to do with them.

What about those seashells that you couldn’t help picking up on your last visit to the seashore. Combine them into a lovely gift for your friend who loves the sea. IMG_0812

Or fill a vase with soap balls for a bathroom.

Anyone have other suggestions of ways to use old vases? Please share them here.

Make these now, tuck them away in a closet, and come December you’ll enjoy a stress-free, love-filled Christmas.