A Not-so-Fruity Fruitcake, Decorations and Crosswords

I love the idea of fruitcake for the holidays, but each one I try overwhelms with its strong liquor taste, damp heaviness and too much fruit.  To please myself and other ambivalent fruitcake fans, I’ve created this recipe using only currants and chopped dates.  You can substitute your favorite dried fruits.


          Prepare this and while it bakes, begin putting out your Christmas Decorations. 

Not your tree!

Have mercy on me!  If you put it out this early, by Christmas night, I’ll have to clean wrappings and ribbons, AND all those pesky needles on your floor and carpet. 

          Even if you don’t have lots of decorations!  You can still make your house festive.  Invite everyone in the family to help.  They might have some great ideas.  Here are mine:023  Candle sticks call out for red or green candles this month.     Don’t worry if nothing matches.

Tie Christmas ribbons on door knobs andbanisters. 012 (2) 

Necklaces tucked into small vases add a festive touch.  010 (3)

Place a tree decoration in a plant.  009 (4)

          Do you have any stuffed toys around?  Bears look great cuddled on chairs.               


These are all small and inexpensive ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home.  Do you have any ideas you’d like to share?  When you’re finished decorating, sit down, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy a slice of your-Not-Too-Fruity Fruit Cake.  And while you’re relaxing, see if you can complete this Christmas crossword And here’s a simpler one for your youngest helpers.  Solutions will come in my next post.

          Our next post, December 4th will be about inexpensive ways to wrap presents.

Until then, let’s all strive for a stress-free, love-filled Christmas . . .