August 25—122 days until Christmas—Unique Christmas Cards

I know I promised you a surprise about cards today, but alas, even my best laid plans have to be delayed. I’d like to blame it on the elves, or better yet, Mr. Claus, but alas it’s my fault and the surprise will have to wait for my next post.

In the meantime we can still talk about cards.

What about this year making your own?
Use a family picture
card pictures 001 (3)
or a favorite drawing by your children
card pictures 001 (4) or maybe an acrostic poem you’ve written yourself In case you’ve forgotten how, click here.
or a poem with repetition To refresh your memory, click here.

Then go online for companies that help you create your card. In the past my husband and I have used Shutterfly and Costco and been pleased with the results.

Does creating your own cards overwhelm you?

Then be sure to read my next post for the card surprise.

Anyone want to share a story about creating your own card?

4 thoughts on “August 25—122 days until Christmas—Unique Christmas Cards

  1. Thanks for the ideas! I’ve used an appropriate nature photo that I took during the most recent year and ordered cards showing it. For printing inside the card, I like to choose a single word that’s appropriate for the holiday season or new year, and that is consistent with the emotions stirred by the photo, for example “Dream” or “Peace” or “Hope.” On the back of the card, I like to identify the photo by ordering the printed words, “Sunrise in Patagonia [or whatever]/Photo by Caroline.” Some years, I don’t have any photos that I took that are good enough for greeting cards. Then I do something else…

  2. Dear Mrs. Saint Nick,

    I ordered custom, photo holiday cards yesterday! I took advantage of the current 50% discount on holiday cards at At the cheapest shipping rate, I should get them well before mid-November. It will give me plenty of time to address them during the weekend after Thanksgiving, and mail them overseas in early December.

    Not like last year when I waited longer, had no discount, and had to pay extra for faster shipping!

    Thank you for moving me to act earlier!

    Your littlest elf

    • Mrs. Claus is sorry to have been so slow to respond to your note, but she and Mr. Claus took a little pre-holiday vacation to rest up for the December rush. You were very smart to order your cards in advance.

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