December 8th—17 days until Christmas—Holiday Pet Peeves

It’s crazy, crazy December, so I need to tell you my Christmas pet peeves.

  1. Christmas has evolved into a commercial bonanza, so people too easily forget the true meaning of the day—Peace on earth and good will to men, and women, and children, and all living creatures.
  2. Stores start decorating in October!  While I’m all for you preparing early, there’s something about Christmas making its appearance before Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  3. Malls play the worst bland canned music.
  4. Too many people feel the need to overspend.  Remember it isn’t the cost of the gift, but the thought that counts.
  5. When you take the children to see Santa, there’s always someone snapping a picture that you feel compelled to buy.  
  6. Too many holiday parties!  Why can’t at least some people wait until January or February for an open house?
  7. Sugar highs become the normal.
  8. Too much drinking—Please don’t drink and drive.
  9. Egg nog?  Is there anything richer and heavier?
  10. Everyone is frazzled and tempers are short.
  11. Not one single mall Santa is as handsome as the original, my dear husband.

Maybe you have some pet peeves you’d like to share.

Hope that all your early preparation has paid off and that you’re enjoying a stress-free, love-filled holiday.

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